Great news has come

Hello you wonderful people! My box of Dermacolor has come! So now you going what is Dermacolor

Now I will admit this is not the only product doing this there is Dermablend. I went with Dermacolor cause I support local businesses. Had she gone to a different product I would have used that as she is a professional makeup artist.

If you are worried about the price tag look at it this way what would you do if you wanted to pass? For people out there who are not Trans passing is a words we use when people are not able to tell is we are Cis (genetic born) woman.

Today I got all decked out with my makeup. Now I am going through laser so this product is only short term but it is good to have it on hand. you can match you skin color or use the tattoo cover way to hide your facial shadow due to stubble below the skin. Though this is NOT a replacement for laser (ipl) hair removal. Women can tell cause your pours are just not right. Though it does help.

Using IPL and Demacolor or products like it will hide the shadow. Takes your time use a concealer brush and dab the product on the areas you need to hide (not your whole face). Mustache and chin lines are the one that need it. You will see it about ten minutes after shaving. Use your primer first, then dab the Dermacolor with strokes that hide the issues. Sometime change the direction of you brush and stroke towards the grain (i know this goes against what you have been told).

I am also trying the Blinc eyeliner. So far I am going to need to do it a few times. But having it on is not noticeable. It is very light and feels real nice. I am also using the Blinc mascara which I have fallen in love with. Now I am not going to lie these are not you $10 drug store products. They both run at a cost of $35 aud (Australian Dollar). But if you want cheap you get cheap. So far I have not had issues with stinging eyes like I have had with other products.

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