The DNC & RNC mistake

Okay for those who don’t really know me well I do take an interest in my former countries politics. This year so far have been one of the most insane I have ever seen I thought it was bad the G. Bush jr. won it cause the supreme court did a no no. Well this year we have seen something I though I would never seen in the US (left out the A for a reason). This year we saw a few great assholes stand up and beat out other assholes. The one great man who stood up sadly did not have the strength to carry on after he was cheated out of his election by people using known voting machines that can be messed with (and they were). There were tons of shady things that were done to make sure he could not win. It really was a sad day when he gave up. Over half of the Democratic Delegates walked out of the DNC in anger. Even Wikileaks showed evidence of the wrong doing but no one cared.

We saw this year Hillary dodge a big bullet and not getting indited cause her Husband met with the Attorney General a couple of days before it came out.

So now when you want something to be honest it will not be. Can you say that it was trustworthy?

Now I have seen news media saying well we better go with Hillary instead cause you might get Trump. The news used to be the news, report nothing more. Now it has weight and it knows it can swing votes. Which makes them money….
I have watched over the years several times the US losing more and more of what made it a good place (NOTE I am not saying Great). How many children have died at the hands of War mongers since WW2 (World War 2)? How many of our Sons, Fathers and Friends came home a shadow of what they used to be to fight those wars? But you voted them in. Then you wanted to know why cars cost so much? Then you wanted to know why there are less and less of meaningful jobs? Then you complain about why there is no health care for everyone while other countries are doing it?  Then you see the sad state of Veterans in the US and ask why? You homeless spiral out of control, then you ask why? Hatred runs crazy and you think that going to the toilet has to be based on what is between your legs when you were born? Do any of those statements make you look at yourself and go opps. Crap I know I did but mine was much more simple there was a time when I said “Two people of the same gender should not marry”. I was in the wrong, I made that choice without thinking my own hatred through. I needed to remove those who were haters to see in my own heart why I felt that way.

I have seen states in the US turn on its citizens due to bathrooms (North Carolina and a few more). All because a few fat cats have stirred the pot of civility into a pot of steamy….. I have seen some businesses take a stand like Target, then the crazies appear with there bibles in there hand trying to quote shit they don’t even really know themselves

I mean look at the video and think about the whole bible crap she is spouting cause really she does not get it at all. What about those 7 deadly sins?

Then we saw a news story about a Transwoman being refused a toilet. The owners told her she had to use the mens room. I know it is in Canada but it has filtered from the US.

Now the business is not liking the backlash. I am not sorry that they may loose their business when the world is becoming sick of their hatred. People have claimed it was a mistake after the fall out has begun. We teach our children that a mistake is a mistake but when you keep doing it, it no longer is a mistake.

I have said it before and I will say it again. If you choose between the lesser of two evils all you are left with is EVIL. Voting out of fear is worth nothing at all. When you sacrifice real democracy for fear, you deserve the fear that you are left and the reality that nothing will get better. There are other candidates vote for who does not cause you fear, worry, concern, or hatred. Let your vote count based upon the future of more that yourself and your fears, let it count for what is right. If your candidate should loose at least you did not waste a vote that differs from your morals. I will always respect a person who has stood by their morals. I might not agree with them but if they can show why they have those morals with sound reason I will respect them.

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