Once a cheater…..

I know that statements made by media pages that list absolutes are very misleading, in any issue. I was reading this story, so as I was going through the ideas of the writer. I found that there are types of people who are in the role of the serial cheater. I started to find myself agreeing with the writer.
One of the points the writer was making was that once that line is crossed there is no going back ever. I have been the victim of cheaters 3 times??? Yup I know what you are thinking, cause looking back I wtf as well. So here’s is my thought on the “crossing the line”. There are so very few items that can dig into ones soul as marriage. Two people agree to something both hoping that the other one will not break their heart.
Once that line is crossed the other party has to make a choice, do I think of myself more than the other person. Then the next question is can ” we” be saved? Followed by is it worth it? This all changes when there are children in the mix…
I have stood three times each with a different answer based off of my self worth. Though I think that if we set a person to fail they will fail. I also think that you need to forgive or you will live a life of bitterness, I saw it with my own mother towards my father for years.
What if my mother would have left my father? Well I can tell you my father would not have stopped drinking or smoking and most likely be dead right now. You would not be reading this cause I would never have been born into that family. When you look at a lake or a pond that is still like glass. Toss a rock in it and look at the ripples. One action, one choice changes everything for a very long time.
Even though forgiving does not change the fact that it happened and the water is no longer like glass. You can make better choices to move forward in your life. Making changes in those areas can be hard but they do have to be made. At the heart of the story above I disagree, once that line is crossed I will never trust that person again.


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