Has being Trans changed the world for the better?

Got a new email…. And that was the question, Has being Trans changed the world for the better?


Well first let me start off by saying thank you ever so much for the wonderful question. I am sorry to say I think it have a many layered answer. So please bare with my thoughts

  1. Yes, I know that is a simple answer. But for me the world really has changed for the better. I know who my true friends are and better yet I know who loves me. I have learned that after coming out as a trans person is a path that is littered with landmines that many don’t see. I learned that some of my family were really assholes. It is really sad to say that, but the truth sucks. I learned that the person I loved really did not understand love. In fact many of us just don’t understand the true meaning of love.
  2. No, I have seen my home country tore apart be such hatred over the last few years that I am scared to go back for a visit. This is so sad to say, I have never seen such a beautiful place as parts of the US and now sadly I will never be able to return. I have seen a state called North Carolina who because of stupid right wing bigots pass a Law that cannot be enforced, just to target a group of people because they are Trans. I have seen the dirty side of the US. People instead of caring for others walking through Target (clothing store) carrying a Bible screaming at the top of there lungs the evils of something called inclusion. I have seen restaurants, bar, and other places joining in the stupidity. It was not until recently that Trans people just used to toilet and no one did anything.
  3. Yes, I live in a part of the world where “most” of the people are simply amazing to be around. I live in a town were I have not really had any discrimination. Yes, some people don’t understand, but I have never asked them to understand or even to like it. To be honest I don’t like it myself, in fact there is not a Trans person that I know that likes being Trans. I would have loved to be born in the correct body.
  4. No, the world has not been changed for the better cause we now see so many of the haters show their ugly faces. Churches who claim that god says to hate us. Governments try to ban us. The list goes on and on hate is so thick that some days you can cut it with a knife.

So there is my list and with that my answer to your question. You try your hardest to keep your wits about you. You don’t go into places where you know issues might arise. You keep an eye on who are your friends. You build a wall to protect your heart in case some stupid bigot might try to hurt you. But you a gatehouse in case you need to let the right one in.



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  1. Being trans is really hard. We lose a lot for the right to live as we are- family, friends, church community, job……
    And it’s true it’s like walking through a minefield. It feels like you’re never really out of danger. At least not for a long time.
    And what choice is there after you lose another friend ir sibling ? None really. You just keep on walking because you have to.

    But as a result, its one if the most character building things you’ll ever do. All things are laid bare. You discover what unconditional love really is, and how rare it is.

    And I think you get stronger after each hurt, each wound.
    And you would never go back.

    Does it make the world a better place?
    I think so. The difference between coming out trans and coming out gay, is that ours us a visual challenge to the status quo all day every day. Each time we walk out the door. Every time we walk into a store. We are advocates just by living our truth. That takes a lot of courage.
    Each time I see a young trans child being embraced by their family, transitioning at school, I know that the sacrifices of us oldies have hopefully made it easier for the next generation of trans people coming through.
    And that’s a good thing


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