You know you have a true friend when….

Okay let me set the stage….

It is a wonderful day in Tasmania (yup it happens). I have spent the morning with a friend looking at something (can’t tell you). I am dressed very respectable cause I almost missed this meet cause I was going to have a drink with one of my girls friends who means a lot to me. My makeup was nice and not over the top, I think I did a wonderful job. Afterwards we went for a morning tea to talk over what we had seen. As we are walking out the two friends and I this lovely couple walk by the wife looks at me and smiles, then the man walks by and BOOM cisgaze. I am not talking a little bit it is that type of look that says “if I had a camera it could last longer”. A few more steps later one of my good friends cements himself in the Friendship Hall of Fame. In a quick but very kind and loving statement “I swear next time someone does that to you I am going to say please stop staring at my wife” Now looking at this wonderful friend you would be a bit foolish to upset him.
I always feel very safe with these two guys. This is a very new feeling, I noticed it first when I took one of them, out for his Birthday. I felt safe it is a feeling that women know but men do not know. It is that feeling you had as a child when you were ill and your mom wrapped you up to make you feel better. That is the only way I can explain it. I just know that both of these amazing men would tear someone apart if they tried to hurt me. It is just such a wonderful feeling.

Thank you Gentlemen

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