Mistake made, lesson learned

I made mistake, I have learned a huge lesson. Now for the context……

So take the memories that you have of your ex. Go to the places you went, go to the dreamscouple sitting at a beach you had, rewrite them with another person and lose a bit of your soul. You made the memories with someone you cared about. There was a magical connection where two souls met and enjoyed the company of another. Dreams that were created together should still sought after even if alone or with another person but not to erase who they were created with. Mourn the loss of the ability to share that dream with the loved one who is now gone. Dreams made with the soul should be achieved to allow yourself to enjoy something that was special. Allow the new person who is in your life also to enjoy the magic you can choose to tell them or not to tell them why your doing it, best to tell. The reason of doing these dreams and stopping trying to erase the past is very simple “to thine own self be true”.

The sense of self and being true defines who you really are. The mistake is made when you lie to yourself trying to hide the truth.
“If you wear a mask for too long, there will come a time when you can not remove it without removing your face.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo

Think about this with the way you are trying to destroy memories you are really just placing a mask over what the truth is. Once you have done it long enough the mask becomes real and you have lost the truth and thus lost a part of you that is true to the memories. I count myself blessed to have learned before it was to late and I was not able to stop placing that mask on. You see lie enough about the past memories and special events that you made with someone and you will lose a part of what you at this point in time so very special.

Take the time shake hands with the past mourn the loss of the loves past. Enjoy the dream of the present and future. Allow the experiences to enrich the lives of those who are around you after all you are special why get rid of those great moments in time.

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