The secret pain

I have written in the past about my little girl who was sexually assaulted. What most people don’t see is the pain that we the parents go though after the fact. The doubt that fills you to the core. The desire to never let it happen again. The want for your little child to be who they were before.
You get to a point where you think it is all behind you. Then suddenly you are thrust back into the reality that it is never going to go away. You end up having to go back in time where you were helpless when you wanted only to just hug away the pain of your child. I doubt that I can express the horrific set of feelings that I am going through at this time. The amount of heart ache that parents are left with after the event. Time does not heal all wounds it merely lessens the pain of some of them, this is not one of them.
What I would give to allow my little girl to just be without this monster under her bed…

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