It has been 1 year

Not only is August my year mark for HRT it is the month of my Birthday. I have been so very lucky to have a wonderful friend Rebecca Stosh the owner of Enchantress Beauty. The above photo is how she took care of me. Rebecca did not even know how special this month is to me in both areas. I timed my HRT with my birthday so that I could look at it in a light that made me feel closer to being the real me. The way it should have been so many years ago.
So here is what happened Rebecca was looking for a few models (lol, me a model). So I told her I would be more than happy to. I was so excited about doing this I was 45 minutes early sitting in my car until it got closer to the time she was ready for me. I went all day without any makeup on and made sure to clean my face one more time before I went in.
The time drew near in fact it was 15 til. So I walked with butterflies to the appointment. I was not really sure what was going to happen. As I walked up the stairs I kept fighting the feeling to run in abject terror. I was so scared it was another wall I was going to walk through. I was going to allow a professional to do my makeup in front of others. Oh I was scared to death. As I sat down on the couch cause she was not back from lunch yet. There were all these amazing looking women walking around. I could not believe my eyes, I was going to be doing this. A few minutes rolled by and she scared the living crap out of me! She did not know how bad my nerves were running.
We walked in to the studio and she told me to take off my glasses and sit down and be comfortable (yeah if I did not pass out it was going to be a good day). Sitting down, trying to calm down as she is asking questions left right and center. Lucky for me there was only a few questions. The next thing I know is I am being ask if I am a warm color or cold. Right then and there I was thinking cold cause I am going to be a corpse. Lucky for me I kept my humor out of this event and said I think I am warm. Next thing I know I am getting told I am both. The other clients and staff were so wonderful. It is hard not to blink, look this way, that way, keep your eyes closed, what would you like me to do and so many other choices. So knowing I was WAY out of my league I said what ever you would like.
I was starting to feel special cared about, and the best feeling that a wonderful friend can give another friend a feeling of SAFE. Minute by Minute time rolled on until 1 hour passed, then 1 1/2 hours passed. I started to wonder what I was going to see in the end, two sets of false eye lashes later and now there was a mirror in my hand. As I was bringing the mirror up all I could think about was what a great friend said to me “maybe this will help you to see the beautiful woman we all know”. To be honest as the mirror rises I was scared not that she had done a bad job, but thinking what if my expectations was to high. Then the comments from the other staff and what I saw in the mirror. The photos say it all, these feelings I am keeping to myself and Rebecca. I think I would have cried if it would not have ruined her artwork.
Here is my friend and some contact details.
RebeccaRebecca Stosh
Makeup Artist
Owner of Enchantress Beauty
Facebook: Enchantress Beauty


Well there is my story of my Birthday gift to myself without anyone really knowing.

I want to give a big shout out to Niamh’s Teacher. Thank you for making me feel so amazing after seeing Rebecca’s work of art

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