If you could only see the smile on my face. I have had a wonderful last 24 hours. After the post on the Facebook site called Humans of Launceston. I was not ready for all the outpouring of kindness. In fact it was rather shocking when you come down to it. Most of the time Transpeople are bit scared of doing something like that, because it puts us in a spotlight. Unlike Caitlyn Jenner we just want to get by in life without making to many ripples. Crap, here I am making waves, oh well. I know that a lot of people are a bit cautious in approaching people just like me. I assure you this much I personally would rather people ask me questions than to dwindle with bad information. Cause once you get to know me I am a bit well, Normal.

Sometimes we are influenced by all the negativity given to us by the Media and narrow minded groups. I hope my blog shows what I was hoping it would. Have a wonderful day, I’m going to enjoy my kids for a little bit before their bed time.

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