Things, I was not ready for

Being a Transwoman there are quite a few things you are not ready for when Transitioning and even more when you do it later in life. Some of that is made harder by acceptance of others. Though even if you are as blessed as I am, it still is a shock to the system. SO I am going to list a few things that many people Cis and Trans don’t think about when it comes to Transition.

  • Colors, I bet you never thought about this. I never did because it was something no one talks about in research, forums, Youtube or in chat boards. I was sitting talking to some wonderful family friends at a brunch at their home. As I was sitting there she I could not take my eyes off this group of flowers. I was completely taken away but the stunning beauty of the colors and the Bees darting in and out. I have seen these flowers all the time but not since I was on HRT (Hormones). This is something that must have a direct link to Estrogen. This change started about 3 months into the HRT.
  • Smells, okay lets be honest most men don’t know when they “Smell” in fact until a man gets to the point where other men are saying something you know it is BAD. Well  GUYS…..use the shower! cause I can pick it up big time now. I thought it might have been just a few guys that I knew who might now shower enough. But nope it was not that at all. I have a REAL top notice friend who has started going to the Gym a lot. I stopped by his home to chat with his wife and he came home after a gym and wow it was bad. Worse than it ever was, cause guys do notice the Gym smell. But oh my lord it was a bit sickening (sorry mate). Old left overs or what ever in the fridge…..I open the door to the fridge and the smells boom the hunt is on…This happened about 5-6 month mark.
  • Taste, no it has nothing to do with Chocolate, lol. But some sweets are enough to make me take my time and enjoy them a bit more. I am a savory type person and I have noticed that even that has changed a bit. Things that I kinda liked before now are wow! somethings are get it away from me when I used to love them. THis started about 10-12 months.
  • BRA’s, Guys you have no clue the love hate relationship women have with them. You get one that is perfect in every way shape or form. Then it happens the hooks die, the underwire say “i want to be free”, Your Boobs grow, you lose a little weight or anything that you can think of that will change the bra or your body. It is a living hell, it is like this collection you have and the colors are not right for the clothes you are wearing or that day it just feels horrible. But even when that are not just “Right” you wear it because it looks perfect on you. Then that point even the best one feels great when at the end of the day you can take the damn thing off.
  • Buying clothes, I know there is online hell. It is when you find that perfect dress and you pay for what seems like a steal and it was just that a steal of your money. Jeans dear good Jeans, you try on this pair and they are fine in fact might even be perfect. But the issue is that you took over an hour finding them. SO you think maybe I can risk it and get a send pair without trying them on (DON’T DO IT!, Just DON’T), you go home and a couple of days later you try to put them on. Somewhere in the world you hear a woman scream “NOOOooooo…..FFS”. You it is at this point you know that not even underwear can be trusted (bras).
  • Temperature, Okay I was told that winter will be a bit of a shock for me cause I used to wear shorts before HRT. Nope never going to do that ever again unless it is hot outside. It is even so bad that one second it is cold and the next minute it could be to hot.
  • Skin, okay so women have softer skin this we know. But it is thinner and wrinkles less but when it does you can see it, Baggy eyes.
  • Temperament, This was something I was not ready for at all. It is so peaceful now. I love how much more of an unexpected and deeper bond with my friends now.
  • Okay we are warned about the TV! Men have no clue, in fact i think it is a setup to make women buy more tissues. Stupid crying at TV commercials.
  • Makeup, You are never be ready for that in fact it is a bunch of trials and error. But then listen to pros and watch Youtube. Remember less is more sometimes.
  • Laser…..Do it sooner rather than later.

Okay this is my list to date. I hope it makes you smile and to have a better understanding of Transition. Remember to take it slow and enjoy every step of the way. There are some amazing discoveries to be had.

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