And yet it is still happening

You should not expect that I will be silent. Domestic Violence is sickening in all of its forms. From Rosie Batty to myself and others just like me. If you did not want the world to know, you should not have done it. This is the time of honesty where the things people do are written upon the house tops. It is not our fault for your actions.
In a relationship you should never be attacked with physical violence, threats in any forms, and verbal abuse is still abuse. You may never see my scars, but I live with them every day.
Now is the time for all people young and old alike to say “No more”. No more, violence is not acceptable. Men need to grow some and get help during and after. Trans people need to say we are worth every drop of our blood, we are worth every breath we take and we say “No More”.

If you need help and are in Australia please get it. Life without abuse is the most wonderful feeling one can have. It frees ones soul to soar with the eagles. There is help out there….

life line

When things were bad I made it through by the wonderful help of……


I know it says Mensline but even though I am Trans they understood and were so kind and gentle. I got out thanks to these groups……

IF you don’t say it is wrong, then it says its alright – Blind Boys of Alabama

Make stand show your self worth and say No More. Leave, get out, if you have children take them with you. What you are going through they are going through. Go to the police first thing get protection, I did. All things can be replaced even ones you think can not be replaced. Get a good attorney make sure they are good. Don’t play games, get help you will need it. Cause before you are able to see the light it will be the darkest. Tears will be shed, you will doubt your self worth. But know this You are worth it, you are going to be okay. You will never forget the pain, but you will be stronger. Like the sword it is created with fire, beat down and then cooled with the water until it is strong. In time you will be able to cut your way through the pain, you will stand and be thankful for the blessings. Some day with others like me you will stand and say No More. I wish you all the best and my thoughts are with you.

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