Anger and Ignorance (trigger warning)


Okay I will admit it I was wearing my hat yesterday. Lets have a 2 second reality check. If you know so one is about to stick a knife in to a power point do you let them to or do you say “Um very unwise”. If the person argues that there is nothing wrong with it do you let them?

Now yesterday I read an news story that a mother group website in the UK was one of the most outwardly and openly Transphobic and filled with Hatred. So I put my little hat on thinking okay lets have a look it really can’t be that bad.

My thinking on it was very simple. I hoped that humanity had different views based upon cultural backgrounds. What I mean by that is in the US Trans-violence is very high as well as Transphobia. I was thinking after the responses I received from the story in Humans of Launceston why not see if it is the same in the UK. Well at no time did my lovely little mind say “Um very unwise”. So I tested the water by jumping right in. I explain factual information that is easy to find on Google Scholar. Even more so information that is common sense.

Well that made sense to me. Though I did not think that some people could be so overly ignorant.  But user after user kept with the same point of view without even checking. So there I was doing this….

banging head into wall

So where did I go wrong? Why was my thinking flawed? Well the truth is stranger than fiction, US vs Canada love hate relationship, Australia vs UK love hate relationship. Is part of the thought, I am having now. Look the laws that Australia has are some of the best in the Western world when it comes to doing right by others. Yes we have a long way to go to be the best thanks to US influence. But we are breaking the mold and releasing ourselves from both the UK and the US influence line by line.

My thinking was flawed that the UK would have the same moral guild lines as Australia (((Smack to the head))). This is not so as I have found out. While here is Tassie we have even a more inclusive set of guild lines than most of Australia when it comes to anti-discrimination. The UK still has some outdated thinking and actions much like the US. Opps I just put the UK in the same group as the US, someone’s gonna get upset…

While I am sure to be incorrect it is possible that some of this thinking might be even so flawed as to believing that Transpeople should use the bathroom assigned to the gender at birth theory. Much like the US. Cause the outdated thinking is that Transpeople are perverts.

So I went to bed thinking what the hell am I doing cause in my last few post on the forum I found myself reverting to the same style of anger as the writers who were trying to tell me I was wrong. I also noticed that my head was getting sore cause the narrow minded views of some the posters were in fact really phobic. I really hate that term, to me being phobic is just an excuse for being an Asshole.

I stepped away to regain my composure and go to bed. When I woke this morning I realized that I was suckered into a  mental war with someone who was unarmed and I was looking like the fool. The original story that I read now is easy to see as 100% correct. Now I am sure that their are a large amount of good people who might be reading it as well. But for the most part they are to silent to make a real change for the better and the site will lose readers due to the Hatred that is within it forums.

I have to point something out the use of “I am Spartacus” is really lost on the posters. Spartacus was an Anti-establishment warrior-hero. The term “I am Spartacus” is a unifying phrase meaning together we are one. It is full of inclusion and positivity thus fighting back the narrow minded state views. Just saying…….


So what have I learned from my adventure? Not to hope that people outside of the US have the same views as most Australians. That when your point is made that continuing to beat ones head against a brick wall will result in a headache when it comes to intolerance. Make your point and leave, let people chose to be assholes or not once they see the evidence. Lesson learned……


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