Happy Fathers Day

There is but a small window of time where I can say that to my day and have it still be the day for me. He asked me a question that I know that he did not know. He asked me when I was going to come home for a visit. Now I love my dad and I know we have not always had the best of understanding so this was the time to have the dad talk with him. No we are not talking about the birds and bees kind of talk. We are talking about Violence towards Transpeople like me. Now don’t get me wrong and understand that the only violence I know about first hand was the Domestic type that the children and I dealt with.

I had to tell me father that the reason I was never coming back to the US was due to the fact that I fear for my safety there. Where here in Tassie, i don’t. This was not something my dad was not really ready to hear. Not that he ran from it, in fact it was a shock to his core beliefs that America is the greatest country. What had I don’t I have cast a light on a fact that my dad did not know about and that was I was not safe in the US.

Now I know what you might be saying that there are Trans people in the US….. How could they do it and you are not even willing to come for a visit. It is a matter of risk and weighing out the cost vs the risk. Let me explain a bit more. If I were to go to Dubai I know that I am not welcome there at all cause I am Trans. So the risk is so very high that something would happen and the cost would be high as well that to get out of the trouble would not be worth it. So lets look at the US the Risk is high that there would be an issue. I am not a High profile person to avoid the risk. Nor at the same time would I go looking for the risk. But the risk is there and the chance that something would happen is also very high. Meaning that lets say while visiting my dad one of my sisters got a bee in her bonnet she might drive to my dads house or be there when I arrive and start something where could I go? In fact I could be stuck until my flight out.

Or worse what if I was out and about with my dad and someone sucker punched me from behind. I know my dad well enough that he would go mental and he would get involved. My dad being close to 80 this  would not be the best thing for him. So the risk is high and the cost if something happened would be high as well.  I could not even begin to think of how my dad would feel if he had to defend me from my bullish sisters.I am going to leave this short movie

So there you have it my dad and I have a new understanding about  me coming home to see the family. It is just not worth the risk, and that was not even talking about the Government

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