What make a Great friend?

Over the last year I have been faced with some wonderful experiences and a few ones that have been less than so. But each one has taught me what has become my wonderful friendship circle. I have also had two friendships that while not relationships felt like relationships when I chose to end them. It all came to a point when Gabriel asked me “What makes a great friend?”. I told him let me think on how to find the right answer for him. I came down to only a handful of examples in my life that I could point to.

When the youngest two went to bed I sat down with Gabriel. We talked a bit about my examples Nana Jackie, Rowan, Alan, Liam, and Graham. Then he asked “why are they though” We sat a little longer talking and drinking hot chocolate. I came to the simple yet solid answer Great friends are only made from good friends who give all and care more. So in a simple child’s eye he said “where is love?.

We talked a bit more about real love. What it meant to have it around in you for you and from you. We looked at a couple of people who have come into our lives and left due to they did not meet the guidelines I have for people around my children. We talked about how love grabs your heart and holds. It knows when to let go but never to far. It knows when you are hurt. It knows every little thing about you. It forgives your mistakes. It cheers you onward in your goals. It dusts you off when you fall over. Love is the feeling you get when I tell you that I love you with all my heart that I always have and always will.

We finished our drinks and then it happened he got up took our cups put them in the sink. Walked backs placed his ares around my neck and said “Thank you for being here for me, thank you for loving me”. I walked him to his bed, tucked him in and told him I loved him. I left him with tears rolling down my cheeks knowing that it got through to him.

There are times when you know you have done the right thing as a parent……

I learned something from his simple question “What makes a good friend?”. I am even still learning. Thanks Gabriel

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