The Pleb(cough…..Cough……cough)ite

I have voiced my thoughts on the HUGE waste of tax payer money called a plebiscite. Here is what I am asking you to do. Get angry tell your representative that you are not happy about this over S160+ million dollar waste of you tax payer money.

We have already started seeing the hate filled adds that are going to hit out screens and might cause trigger events. I ask you when you see one send a copy to your representative Let then know this was not how you wanted you money spent. If you hear about a person being harmed by this event stand up, don’t let it continue or you are just as bad as Pauline Hanson.

On a personal note please do share the Facebook junk that will come with it. I don’t want to see anything that has even one drop of hate in it. It will be the fastest way to get removed form my Friends list.

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