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Well here it is I have taken the next step to being published. I have written the book. I have added a few photos. I have now placed it in the hands of readers. Now I deal with the panic of people knowing about me. I never thought I could do this I have in past believed when people told me I could not. In one year I have turned my life in a new and exciting direction. I stopped my abuser, and I have proven her wrong. I am worth it, I can do what I feared most in my life and that was to be open with everyone. There have been so many times where people have doubted me. Deep Breath Move Forward ~ Frank Jones


Now I wait for the feed back with a bit of fear due to what I have written might not be liked or enjoyed.

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  1. My dear Aly, What other people think of you is none of YOUR business. Yes you have exposed your vulnerable side, but make this a strength. You don’t need to hide anymore and you will probably help another go free. A butterfly emerges from it’s shell of a chrysalis but as it gains confidence and allows it’s wings to expand it faces the sun and says – this is me. The chrysalis is no longer needed and others will examine how you came into being.

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