well I am back

I said I would return once i got the book done so here I am. so I started looking at the publishing side and I have come to the part where I am waiting on my readers feed back and if I am going to try to find a solution to the publish side of it.

Right now I am leaning towards finding an agent and looking at the Amazon online publishing as well. Though I am not sure if you can do both but I have seen that some people who have started with Amazon have been picked up after a run on Ebooks. I have also seen the benefit to self publishing. That is why I am looking at setting up Amazon as a backup plan and continuing to look for an agent. I have a lot of faith in my book except for the close of it so I am hoping the feedback will assist in the ending if it is not up to snuff I can fix it.

I never knew this much work went into a book it really is an eye opener. I think it is very healthy to know though gives me a lot more respect for the writers and the effort they put in. Maybe next I should make a music album, just joking…..

I did find Wattpad and I put up the first chapter on there to get some feedback as well… if you want you are welcome to have a read of the first chapter.


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