Why did I do it

Someone today asked me the 64 million dollar question why did I choose to write a book?  Well there are a number of reasons first I wanted to heal a part of my soul by letting go of all the pain that has been there for so long. then I wanted to give my children a bit of my past and teach them that true honesty no matter how hard it is to say is the way to clean one” soul. I also wanted them to know of my past before it gets to point that I forget not that I would or if I could but sometimes I would like to. I have by writing this book took back part of my creativity from a person who said I was nothing.

SO there are my simple reasons, no the more complex issue is that I have seen so many people just like me getting killed and abuse by people who just don’t understand. I have seen churches pick up the whip and the cane to say evil things as well. At some point the voices need to be raised and say No we are not going to take this any more.

The demons of self hatred and emotional abuse is deep and once they sink their hooks into you soul it takes a long hard battle to get them out of it.But top be honest it is a battle that is worth the fight. The reward being that you are free from the voices.

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