Okay I have never considered myself to be a lucky person. I am just not, I might say in passing or as a phrase. But in reality I am not, I am blessed but not lucky. I don’t know what happened on Monday this week, it makes no sense. You see everything is starting to come together and so fast my head is spinning. I was almost in tears last night over it all because I still cannot see why. What have I done to be so blessed and at the same time. It confuses me don’t do anything so special that 5 separate thing are starting to fall into place. I will list them and you can see how major they are.

  1. I found this missing piece of Jewelry it is beyond priceless and I have been heart broken since it went missing. It was a gift and it meant a lot to me.
  2. I’m getting closer to going to school
  3. I might be part of the Human Library of Launceston
  4. Finally the light at the end of the tunnel starting to show in regards to the divorce.
  5. I was more than Gendered correctly, Someone asked how I came to Australia. I told them I fell in love. She replied back Oh you are a lucky woman he must be very special. I did not have the heart to correct her that we were getting a divorce that I was married to a woman.
  6. There was no stress in getting the kids to school
  7. My book is getting some amazing reviews
  8. My book is getting closer to being published

While to you some of these might not seem so big but to me there are Huge. Number one speaks for itself. Number 2 is a a goal I set at the start that I did not think towards the end of it I was going to be able to meet. Number 3 look I am not shy about this divorce being a shit storm. I did not like how it went down, I don’t like how I was treated. But I have always wanted my children to be a part of the other parents life equal as they are in my life. I think that is the best thing for the children. So some things are moving in the right direction and that is huge. I hope we can keep it out of the courts and finish this for the children sake. Number I work hard on my makeup I listen to my great friend Bec Stosh  the owner of Enchantress Beauty who is an amazing Makeup artist. When all things come together at the same time and people say the correct pronouns it just lifts your day. Number 6 first day of Term as every parent knows this is a stressful day and for me it fell right in to place. Number 7 I was so scared to write my book let alone let someone read it. People are coming back to me and what they are saying is very kind and lovely. Number 8, I am so very thankful for all my test readers and their comments it has given me a boost to go to the next stage of my book and Publish it.

See it just boggles my mind how this all happened in one day…..

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