Transition Timeline

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The Fourteenth Month

 Well this was a month of community awareness and not always acceptance. I feel that some features have changed as far as my appearance is concerned. I also think that there have been some changes as well in the facial area. I have been called a woman and people have been using the correct pronouns that do not even know me. This is a mental health issue that I did not really grasp until it started just happening everywhere.

I had the most amazing month as well so many things going the right way, eight different goals were reached. it scared me and I started creating my own little world of anxiety that was a thought process “something bad is going to happen”. It took a good friend taking me out for coffee for a reality check that the world is not going to end that it is just time for me to start receiving some blessing that I deserve and that it was the right time and I was ready for them.

I am still having issues with body hair and the way it is triggering a bit of Dysphoria nothing to bad that I cannot control. I few deep breaths and some music on and away it goes.Breasts are still evolving and are still a bit tender. I am still keeping up with the breast massage and the higher fat intake. I think as summer is starting I am going to have stop finding excuses for no exercise. Writing my book has been a big excuse as well.

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