I am feeling a bit over whelmed that I am doing so much but it will all get done. I will sleep when I am dead. I will rest when everything is done, whichever comes first. I have been working on the gofundme page as well. I Still have a bit more to do to show everyone where the the money will be going. I was so shocked at the costs of book creation. The printing side is $$ big bucks. I am also looking at where all the people who get a cut of the profits. Glad some of them are one off. I never knew that there was a person who’s job was to format new scripts for print. Then you need an attorney to make sure you are not going to get into legal trouble. Then if you have not designed your book dust sleave and the cover of the book you have to pay someone to do that. Then someone gets a cut for the bad code….Yeah I was thinking the same dame thing I am paying someone to put on a bar code. So you can start to see where all the money will be going at first and it will not be in my pocket.


Please share and share often ……Well I need to get back to the grind so to speak…..

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