Book update

Well I have been so busy getting my book off the ground that I have forgotten the blog. I am so sorry for doing that but I am going to share with you the cover design if the book. Get ready……


Boom, I did it. Yup getting ready for put all the pieces together soon. I am so excited i would have never thought I could have done this. I am so proud of myself. I am aiming for full publish by December and an Australian Book launch in January. Even my dad was excited. I am going to do his story next he he he. He does not read my blog so I am not worried about him finding out, yet. I am going to do it before his story is gone. Plus I want to know what he never told us kids as well. After all I want to do it while he is alive and then fly over and have Chocolate Milk and Doughnuts with him. When you buy my book you will understand the issues with Chocolate milk and Doughnuts.


Soon I will update once the editor is all done. Then I will update again once the Lawyer is all done. Shortly after that I will have the publish date. WOW I am so excited.



In your face, I wrote a book! That is for the disbeliever!

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