A sad day

To my readers around the world,

As many of you might have guessed that I am from the US but now living in Australia. In the last 24 hours the US has done something that I never though would have ever happened. But lets roll back the clock a bit before we talk about what just took place. I am proud to say I was a Bernie supporter is sent in my $27 dollars. When he with drew from the race we all suspected it was fixed. We Could see the writing on the walls. Email no matter who leaked them proved our deepest fears. It provided the supporters of change a focal point of anger. What followed was contempt by the DNC and Hillary Clinton for all the supporters of Bernie. We had proven our voices were loud but not louder than the corruption that took place.
But in the end Bernie I suspect his heart was broken bowed out. As time marched on more and more proof that what we were left with was not only a wannabe leader in Clinton, but showed us how truly corrupt she was . Then when one of the ring leaders of the corruption was kicked out of the DNC. Hillary made she she was not forgotten and placed her as part of her staff.
What they seemed to forget is that once burned people don’t forget that fire is hot. They knew that this person not only was part of the corruption, but now part of her team and might be part of her cabinet if she had one. Americans really don’t care much for cheaters and Hillary forgot this part. She also lost touch with the public and thought that if she pointed her finger enough at Trump saying I might be bad but look at him would help her.
In the end the US public would not stand by her and rebelled. The Majority spoke loudly and firm with a resounding NO. It was not so much as a vote for Trump as more of a vote of Not Her!
Now the DNC will look at what went wrong and try to figure it out. One thing they had forgotten all along is the when it comes to the US presidency the phrase “if you don’t succeed, try, try again” does not work. From my memory I cannot remember another time when a failed candidate got to try again. Normally they fade in to the history books never to be a thorn again. So what made the DNC think that the problems of the past would not haunt Hillary in the present?
Once again we come back to the issues that Americans don’t like cheaters and they don’t forget the ones that got caught.

Now I know that the issues of a Trump presidency scares many of the world. But it is nothing that compares to his Vice president. A man who has sworn to repeal all protections for the LGBT communities. As a Transwoman I now know that going home will never happen for me even for a visit as I value my life above all the Joys of seeing my son in the US. This is a sad feeling as I miss him so much. I know now that keeping my US citizenship is worthless it has no value. I was worried about Clinton but I am terrified of what Trump will let his Vice President do.

I wish all my readers in the US safety and good health in the coming years. I think you are going to need it.


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