Month 14

Well it has been added to the time line page as well.

Month 14

Wow what a month this has been I am a person that does wear my heart on my sleeve. No matter how much I try this is something that has grown a bit with the HRT. For example I was reading this story today about a Sexual Assault that took place on Tribal lands in the US and how the Tribe did what needed to be done and in the end the amazing respect was given to the victim and the punishment was in the end given to the women to handle. They held him down and cut off his braids, then turned him over to the Police. I broke down cried it hurt so much to have the flash back of my little girls telling what happened to her. It felt like it just happened. I would have to say the HRT has caused a few issues with my memory. Some things are just that much more vivid.

I have been having issues this month with the Breast tissues no being as sore as they have in the past but they are still developing. My hips have been changing a bit, getting wider but where is my bum, lol. I have been seeing a large growth in my hair.

I am still working with the breast massage and starting to decrease the fat intake. I will start the exercise part of my development. This part will focus on the waistline and the legs, I will be avoiding the upper body work as that has still a large amount of bulk that I would like to reduce a bit more.

Body hair is still a bot of an issue the back hair is reducing slower than I want it to but it is getting there.

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