A lesson learned

I was always taught that the truth will set you free. What none of us are ever taught is that the truth can also be a prison. When you try to hide the truth, change the truth, mislead others, tell only part stories these and many other ways of subverting the truth. You will build the walls that will lock you in to your self made prison. I have been sitting on the sidelines watching a person build their walls, sadly they have no clue that the walls are being built around them due to the self disillusion that they have created. It is sad to say that once the walls are in place others will be blamed for the problems that walls create.

I know that so many of the LGBT community do build our own prisons but I am not talking about this. I am talking about anyone who  desires to build a life out of deception. It will become the greatest ball and chain around their feet. Slowing their progress and health towards the goals that they desire. The truth of a happy life will never be achieved due to the prison walls. Compounded by the willingness to be honest with ones self.

So is there a solution?

The solution lies within ones own self to step out of the shadows and regain who they were at one time. This is not an easy thing to do. I watch this person time and time again install walls and prison guards. If only this person could just be honest with everyone around them, then the guards would leave, the walls would crumble and when there is nothing left to hold captive they could enjoy life of freedom.

Though this will never happen for the person until this person has nothing left to lose.



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  1. Wait until there is nothing left to loose and you will be waiting for ever…


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