There is no such thing as a futile dream.

About a year ago I became friends with the son of the wonderful member of Parliament who helped me stay in Australia. At the time I did not know where this friendship would lead. It has been a wonderful journey being a part of this friends life and having him in my little families life. An opportunity arose to repay his mother’s kindness from so many years ago, sadly she passed away. My wonderful friend had this dream to build a Jazz club.

No dreams are futile after a bit of elbow grease. My wonderful friend has enriched the lives of those that have been around him for many years. Starting on last Friday night we embarked on a journey involving great people, wonderful company and sand paper. Last night we reached a milestone where we where able to put the first coat of stain on the hard wood floors after Close 225 man hours of sanding the bar.

Each day we make progress to a dream that my friend had. As we were working we have been visited by the ghosts that inhabit the bar and hotel. We have this wonderful sense that from the visit that they have graced us with the former owner from years past. We have felt them standing watching us. We have even had a hand on the back pushing a person away from a shape edge that would of cut the persons back open. We are making sure to acknowledge the love they once had and the help they now give.

I would love to give you photos but that is for another time. To my good friend thank you for letting me help you create your dream.

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