Question Time #2

Well I saids that I would be having a part two.

Q: Why did you write a book?

A: It all started with my About me page and a wonderful person I like to call my brother from another mother.  I wrote a 10,000 word about me and was about to add even more when he suggested I rethink that and possibly look into a book. One thing lead to another and then one week the children were away and I started writing to avoid being alone. 72,000 words later the book was born.

Q: How did you “coming out” go?

A: This is in my book and it is a rather long story to give it away in a single line. Read my book and you will get a better picture.

Q: I love your timeline about what is going on each month, will you continue it as you now have a book out?

A: Yes, There are a lot of people who don’t like to read blogs much less understand them. The book is a bit more expanded on a few thing from the timeline that people who read the blog will not get. Though I will not be writing a second book for the rest of my Transition, so the blog will have everything past 16 months until one day I stop writing the blog (don’t worry I enjoy it, so it won’t be for a long time).

Q: Do you regret the starting your Transition?

A: Transition is a double edged sword. What I mean by that is not everyone you care about will be there once you go into transition. Some people will show their true colours and you will learn who is and who is not going to be by your side throughout it all. This was a very hard lesson to learn, I lost a number of people I thought would always be by my side in life. I have even had people lie straight to my face tell me one thing then when I was not looking start talking behind my back.
Saying all of the above still does not outweigh the facts that I now live a life with people around my inner circle I trust with everything. I know who they are and they know me. These wonderful people have learned so much about the true me and have accepted it without a second thought. I have also met new friends who I hope will be in my life for a long time to come.

The whole impact of Transition is unknown to me at this time. But I am very thankful for the ability to have started the physical side. I have learned so much and when the noise stopped that was one of the biggest blessings there is. 

Q: Are you worried about the surgery?

A: Well to be honest, yes. I think you would be a fool if something like a major change in your life that could possibly kill you did not worry you. But at the same time with great risk comes great rewards.

Q: You talk about Breast Massage how is it done?

A: I am not a qualified person to help you with this. My friend showed me and her help was wonderful as she is qualified. I do not have her permission to share her details at this time. She has however suggested that you have a look on Youtube. Plus while doing so it will allow you to become more in tune with your breasts and you will know if negative issues arise. Should a bump that is not normal arise speak to your doctor asap! Get to know the signs of Breast cancer and be aware that you are now more at risk than before due to women are more at risk than men and you have taken the step that is giving you all the hormones of a woman and are blocking the male ones.

Q: I am confused do you or don’t you believe in a god?

A: Yes, I believe that we are far to an amazing creature to be a one off chance. I do believe in a creator, higher power, God or what have you. But I do not feel that we as a human race understands him. I live my life as best as I can helping out where I can and I raise my children to be good and kind as well.

Well I could keep going but right now there is still enough for a 3rd post on questions and I will answer those in the next few days.

I am not trying to be a prude but please support this site by buying my book. There is a lot of information in it including my whole story.

For a physical book please buy from my prefered distributor.

I have also setup for Kindle readers.

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