Question Time page 3

I do try to answer your questions as fast as I can but the book took over in a big way. So now I am playing catch-up with all of the questions. I’m very sorry for taking so long to respond to them.

Q: Do you plan to keep the blog going now that you have your book out?

A: Well the writing of the book finished in November of 2016. I did think that was all I had to do for it. Then test readers, editors, fixing errors, by the time it went to print it was near the end of December.

Your question came to me via Facebook so we chatted a bit about it and I said yes. But to be honest the reason for writing the blog was not part of my story.

I started the blog because I was not really able to find an open and honest conversation about being transgender. Sure you could watch endless videos to get a small idea that changes from person to person. There are some that are wonderful like Julie Vue. But in the end she did not really cover what I was looking for. That was a month by month breakdown of what the in’s and out’s of being Trans was like. There are times even I miss the mark on it. But with my time line updates I think I can show how it is not an overnight fix. That the change I’m going through is also more than just physical.

I would like to keep my blog going as a guide to help people understand. Though in 2017 I’m going to be going back to school, promoting my book, and most important taking care of my children. I will do my best to try to keep regular updates. Though come hell or high water the transition timeline will be done without fail.

Q: Do you every think this is all too much.

A: No, I will admit at times it is hard. There have been many lessons that I have had to learn. But I’m not really known for quitting. Plus I feel better now than I have ever had.

Q: I have noticed that you are from the US and now live in Australia.i have read you never plan on going back, why.

A: Well there are a number of reasons why. I’m a parent of three young children to whom I take a great pride in being there for them. Next is did you know in 2016 one Trans person is killed every 10 days (as of last figures I saw) those killings not in just one place they are happening all over the US. I love my children and to place them at risk is not acceptable. Australia has been very wonderful to me and to leave a place that is home makes no sense.

In 2015 I was forced to cut ties with some of my family due to reason written about in my book. So the only person I would really enjoy seeing is my father, but the risk is to high.

Well there you have it, I’m all caught up. Once again I’m so very sorry for the delays. Please I’m going to plug my book, help me keep this site up and running. Even if you just go to Kindle your helping out. Plus you’ll have a great story.

For a physical book please buy from my prefered distributor.

I have also setup for Kindle readers.

I will also be adding a new part to my Transition Timeline sometime today.

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