Yup this is me right now I am trying to do so many things at the same time. I am also having a bit of a woman issue as well. My nipples are so sore right now…..And if someone tells me again to put cabbage on them I am going to make coleslaw out of that person.

Like I posted yesterday that I received 50 books which was one of my orders. I took the time and spent it numbering and signing each one with a special message for the reader as a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don’t know if who was more excited Sonia one of my readers or I was. She began to tear up a little and I was about to follow once I saw the beautiful honesty in her heart as she read my message to her. Sometimes some people just touch your soul in a way you never expected..

I have wanted to connect with my readers and open the door to honest communications. The only way I know how to help others grow is to provide education when it is needed. In a way where they feel free to ask questions.

I feel that with each book that was sold in 24 hours (39 copies) and I setup a local bookstore who wants 10 copies. I am going to make this work. I have a second dream that inspired me write my book and that was the situation my children that we are in. When you can’t find a solution to your problems, you build the solution. One of the realities of being Trans is the issues of employment, no one talks about it as it is assumed it does not exist. But the reality of it is very much real and in your face once you get into interviews.  Most female interviewers look past the issue of looks and are looking for the ability to do the task at which you are applying for. But there is the question in the back of there mind “can this person do the job looking like that”. It is not a fault that should rest upon anyone shoulders it is a fact sometime when you are dealing with face to face communications. Every employer wants a smooth start to a new employee. You might say this is wrong but until you run a company you are not in their shoes looking at you with their eyes.

So one of my solutions to not being employed was to start writing my book and now writing my father story. So yes in the future there will be a book about my father called “Project Billy” I hope I can find a early picture of my Hero. I might have to beg a Nephew or two to find me a photo of him without telling anyone what is going on. I know that might be a hard one. But I so want to write my dad’s story. I have lost the chance to write my mothers (that would have gotten a no anyway). I am really going to do a lot of research on my Grandfather “Cookie Dad” for my Third book. Then I am going to stretch my creativity to write a bit of Fiction that I have wanted to write for many years. I am so going to have to pay my editor on these next books. I am not going to let time slip by hoping that going to school is going to get me a job I am going to two both at the same time. Though in the end I might look like this….

Bad Hair

But anything worthwhile will take time, effort and love.

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