I think sometimes life lets you know how things are going. Yesterday started off going down the path of one of those days, you know what I mean. We had a friend stop by before we needed to head in to town. She was collecting her copy of my book. While talking she said something that was not expected but warmly welcome “Ally your boobs are getting so big” okay three it was the start of the change of day. Needless to say she had placed me on cloud nine. You see I have been so busy that I don’t see all the changes that are taking place in my body, though I am getting some hips…..LoL. 

Then while still up there I went and saw my attorneys PA who wanted a book. She added a second boost to my cloud hopping by telling me how lovely my hair was getting and telling me how proud she was of me. Next was my Attorney who was to jump in and give me a boost on the ego train. If you have never had someone tell you that they are proud of you wait until a respected Attorney does it. I tell tell you it was about to get even better.

I went to go see a close friend who life is changing for the better. The kids and I have quick hugs and went on our way to go have lunch. Wow pizza is on my mind and I am a big pizza fan. Tried out the new pizza shop in Launceston called Rockin hot pizza. They had the pulled pork pizza I did not read it all the way due to the name got me first “Pig Floyd”yup had to try it. Boom first bite took me away to a time when I used to enjoy eating a pizza with my friend Alan Lockhart they had to have heat and this one did and with a sour dough base. Sam whereever you are I hate you for making me fall in love with sourdough pizzabases. I ate all but two pieces, I am now the fat pig but very happy.

Next stop was to go see another friend who has supported me on my transition timeline Ella to say why missed my hair appointment. Well the next thing I know I am exchanging a book signed and numbered  for a new hair appointment. Remember it has been close to two years since I shaved my head for the “World’s greatest shave”. Then we were off to head home and next thing I know we are headed back to town to sell a book to another friend who while talking to her started to read it and he t thing I know she is taking photos of me. I hate photos but I do it for her and the kids because they like them.i get home and another person stops by to get one.then I get another call from the friend tank took the photo. She wants to buy one for her mum.

It is one thing to write the story of your life it is another to have people read it I have been hoping it is not shit. A lot of people have helped me write the magic that is in it. Cooked dinner an d sat down to do some work, yeah right I crashed. Slept for a couple of hours in a chair.i love my kids they kept quite and let me get a couple of z’s.

All and all this day that I thought we going to turn out to be crap has become an amazing day one filled with good friends and great feelings.”I get by with a little help from my friends”

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