Project Billy

Hello everyone, as you know my first book was about my life my story. I have always thought of my dad as my hero. So after I finished my writing I started to look at writing something else something where I might be able to learn a bit more history. So I started talking to my father. This was a choice that was not a simple one.Time was not on my side so to speak. So I am going to create a new page much like I did with My Story. This will allow readers to see who things are coming with my next book.

I am also starting to rewrite a Fiction one as well. I think that will take more time…. No it will not at this time get its own page.

I am also going to do my Grandfather “Cookie Dad” that will take time and a large amount of research. If any of my readers are in the Corona California area I could use some research help. Thank you

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