Reminders of the Past

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Some of what I might say right now might add a bit more insight to Project Billy. While growing up I watched my father make friends with anyone no matter color of their skin, economics, or social status. My father taught me many things about dealing with people and finding the truth behind the lies. I learned that some of the best people in this world have nothing more than a place to call home and a shirt on their backs.

A number of years ago I got into a heated discussion on the topic of a friend of mine to whom the other person did not care for. I have watched over the years this person become more and more a great father and husband. Though I lost friendship with the other person in that discussion, my friend to whom was the point of the discussion has remained close. At the point when all the chips were down one who was trying to say the other was a bad person was nowhere to be seen and my good friend was there. Love you J.L.

So what is my point Never Judge the book by the cover as what lies inside might be greater than the dust jacket. Plus don’t always listen to the sales person telling you something is crap when you know everyone deserves a chance.

I was reminded of this lesson today with being Invited to a BBQ with people I hardly knew. I had a wonderful time and got to meet some new people and was made to feel at home. Thanks J.D.

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