Dear Australia – An open letter

Dear Australia,

First let me start off by saying thank you! Thank you for the love and kindness I am shown everyday by so many friends and strangers alike. Thank you for having a healthcare system that while under attack by the government is a hell of a lot better than where I came from. Everyday I am here I fall in love with you more and more every day.

This January the world was introduced to a new President of the United States of America. As a Transwoman I heard of the changes that are about to sweep through a country I onced loved with every fiber of my body. I started to fear for lives of those I have never even met. I started to feel even more grateful for this beautiful place which I live in. Yeah we don’t have Marriage Equality here. But we don’t have a bunch of mad men taking away the rights of women. Men who were given birth by a woman. Yet to each one of them take a moral high horse saying they know what is best for a whole gender of people. Yet not one woman was in that room while it was signed.

I watched the same man tell the world that he wanted a woman for Education Secretary. A person who has never went to University. Who has never had to feel the struggle that so many parents have had to, all in hopes that their children will reach something they could not. A person who did not even understand that schools are no place for guns even on the fear of a “bear” attack (Something that has never been known to happen at a school before).

Then I watched that same man chose a person who supports his view about global warming. That it is not real, that it is not happening.

Then I watch he also take the oath with another man who Hates the lgbt+ community. My stomach turned in a fear that gripped me more than anything ever has.

I saw that a church who claimed that it was closer to God than any other was joining with him as they allowed their Choir to sing for him. My mind was drawn back to a time when thousands stood cheering on Hitler in the 1930’s.

Then like a candle lit in the darkness of the possible future. Something Magical happened I watched city by city all over the world women and men standing up for the rights of those who they all fear might be affected by the hate of these man who are in change of a country. My heart swelled in tears of joy and hope for the future. I felt this feeling only once before and that was when the Berlin Wall Fell. I was in amazement that even those women stood for what was right. Who cares if there was celebrities saying somethings that were a bit Hypocritical. There were millions of hearts worldwide for once saying with one simple heart “Not going to happen again”.


Then my heart sank as I read texts and messages of other people supporting the hate that was elected. Oh I fear for the future of my children should these men continue with their hate filled mission. But I am not crippled, I will not sit idle as others fight. I will stand when I can and where I can for my voice will never be silent. So please join with the world to stop this madman, Speak Up before it is too late.

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