Month 17 transition timeline updated

Emotional  Development

Well this month has been very stable with the exception of noticing that I have a cycle where the hormones are concerned. I have been keeping track of the feelings and what I have been doing in a personal diary.

Physical Development

Well Ive been having a few issues with itching on my lower legs. The solution was to get some allergy medicine (over counter). This did solve the issues. I’m not sure why I’m having the problem. It is not a known side effect.

Breast growth is still going on because I’m dealing with puffy nipples and aerola. They are a bit sore to touch at times. I had this event happen as well as I was driving I went to turn a corner my breast got in the way. It sounds funny but until you have it happen it does not make to much sense. 

Fat around the cheeks (face) have been getting a bit more day to them. I keep telling them as it is a bit unusual.

Man Hips are starting to take a bit more in the fat redistribution. This means I’m losing the man shelf and feminine curves are starting to show. It has made a few of my favourite clothes unbearable to wear.

Butt still has not been getting a lot of fat redistribution yet.

I started on cutting back on fat intake and going back to a healthy. So some changes are going to stay to take place in the physical features.

Skin issues


Olfactory senses

No changes

New developments

I’ve be noticing something new that has changed due to the hormones is that I’m now focusing on items a bit more. This is easy to see when I’m writing or studying. I wonder if this could have helped me learning issue when I was growing up…..

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