I have teeth and I bite

I have always said I will answer any question that I am asked because I am not afraid of the truth. I try my best to avoid the replying back to asshole and stupid question due to time issues and to not give light to bigots. But sometimes somethings need to be said and a defense needs to be heard. So please be warned my reply is not nice on this question but it needed to be done. ***Warning*** I am not nice on the reply……

Q: Well ain’t you the biggest snowflake willing to share your mental illness with the world. Have you thought about killing you if not do us a favor and do it?

A: Well thank you it was such a nice question? First things first I normally don’t take the time to reply to uneducated buffoons. However I have worked hard to achieve what I have and I will continue to strive for more. You are more than welcome to continue to read the blog.

But I think I need to address something you wrote. “Snowflake” wow, you backwards labeled “daehkcuF” if you have any sense in your god given brain you might know and understand I by no means am a “Snowflake”. I am a Transwoman and I know who I am. I know what I have had to survive to get to this point and your infantile comment for me to take my own life. Is Not going to work, you pathetic excuse for a oxigen stealing homosapien. It is time for you to grow up and get a personality. Stop using uneducated terms such as “Snowflake”. If you had balls to call me that in public on the wrong day, I like most women would chew you up one side and down the other. I would leave you a squalid mess on the ground like a baby wanting to suck on its momma’s titty while still in its shitty diaper.
Do me a favor and don’t send me anymore of you hate filled emails. I really don’t have time for you, I have a real life to get back to. But you are more than welcome to continue to read the blog and become educated.

Kind Regards,


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