Have you ever been gifted information that explains your history? That opens door to the past and creates ties that bind. That leaves you with a sense of understanding of who you really are and why you are. But yet it came with a restriction that you can never tell anyone about the truth of the information yet you know of its validity….

Be careful of the doors you open into the past some lead to mirrors. You may not like what is looking back at you….Some stories of the past are linked into our very blood. A demon that sits in the heart of a person long ago might still be tickling your feet today.

I spent hours talking to an Aunt today that I have never taken the time to do so in the past because I felt like I did not matter to them. Far from the case as I have found out. I mattered but something dark drove our family apart. It was and is so very dark that some parts of the story are repressed into the people who had to go through it.

I learned of things that I am now a keeper of stories that must remain hidden until a later time…. Another curse of a timeless mind. After being told these stories and information I wept. I am starting to understand him better every day…..My tear stained cheeks will lock the information and the truth until it is safe and maybe I will choose to let it die with me…

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