Complicated –

I never thought my life would be like this. I never thought I could do so many things at the same time and know things are going to plan but at the same time feel like they are going nowhere.

On the 13th I am going back to school just something else to add to my pile of craziness. I am still writing my second and third books. I am still wanting to see my book get a little more light. I am needing to start a project management setup before this monster gets to big.

I had a setback in my plans and I am not sure which way to go now. It has rocked me a bit as I look at it. I was setting up my Family Trust account with my Accountant as part of my desired plans was to have a redundancy in place. This weekend I had that redundancy choose not to want to be involved let alone be a recipient of any benefits that might come from it. I am a bit of a loss as to why would a person turn down a possibility of future securities and to help protect family members. It has left me speechless on the whole issue.

Not that I am the type of a person who will force a person to do something against the will of another. I think I might need a bit of a plan change but I don’t know what, who or which changes to make. I am completely confused on this complication. I do know that this is part of being me and some of the choices I have had to make.

Payment is always due at some point……

I won’t be shocked if I see sometime in the future several hands palms up asking for money when they ignore me now. Why did it have to be come some complicated?

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