WTF – Sisters

Okay, I get it that NOW you don’t like me. I get it that you don’t wish to be involved in the book I am writing of our father. But why on Gods green earth would you try to pump silly and stupid things into our father’s head with the book is even not even 1/10 of the way done. You even have him worrying that the book is going to be published without letting him have the proof copy. What kind of ethics do you think I have? Shame on you for even thinking that…..

Let’s get one thing clear and straight. You were offered to spend the time and be a part of this book for him. You were given upon our dads request this chance. But when I gave you the chance, one of you said no thank you and the other would not even say that much except saying that you agree with the other sister. Yeah I get it that one of you has her undies in a knot because I Transitioned. Well guess what you old bitty, your actions during these times really set us up to never talk again. Then you compounded it by sticking your nose into my divorce. Then the final straw was to not call me when our mother died and you were right by her side. For the last 2 or 3 years you have not endured yourself to me in any way shape or form.

Let me say this about my dad’s book I am working so very hard to tell his story in a caring, loving and professional manner. My ethics are above reproach, I will do nothing to insult his memory.  I have even gone so far as to talk to anyone who might know about him. I am even making contact with our extended family members that we have not talked to in a very long time. You really need to stop treating our father like another one of your children. He is a grown man that you are twisting around and playing mind games with. You should really be ashamed of your actions.

I was thinking that maybe I was being a bit hard on you. But you know what? I really have rethought that crazy idea and I am not. I should not have to ask you not to treat our father like a child. I should not have to ask you not to be such a fucking Hypocrite. I just don’t get it we have the same father we were all raised the same way, oh no we weren’t were we…. I guess I should call myself blessed not to be like you. What a shame for you…..

I think your issues with me being Transgender are indicative of so many stereotypical narrow minded bible thumpers in America. But at the sametime you ignore your own actions and bigotry. We might have a good amount of southern blood in us but you don’t need to bring out your burning cross unless it is to hoist yourself upon it. You know it really is sad that you are acting just like our mum right up to the end of her life. I really do feel so sorry for your loss of Humanity, it really is so….. so sad………




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