Employment issues

As many of the Transcommunity know or are shocked to learn is the fact that being Trans limits the employability and the options. So what can be done? Well I started looking at my life and understanding that certain types of employment are not going to want me. In that area I started thinking what can I do on my own. looking at my existing knowledge base and skill sets. Well being a Project Manager in past I started looking at planning out the rest of my future in that aspect.

I am not one for sitting idle when I can create wealth for my small family. Yeah I know I am poor right now but it does not have to stay that way. So I started looking at what I can do to create a income. So I could go back to disability support but that has too many memories linked to my ex and all that I did. So I started looking at Community services and combining that with my existing knowledge base. Now I am going to also start looking at party plan systems. I thought maybe Makeup but that did not sit very well with me as I still am learning all the in’s and out’s of the makeup game. So I looked at Candles not a very big fan of those and open flame with Kids, lol. Next was scents, after walking away with a Migraine from being at one party for an hour. I knew right then and there I could never do that. Tupperware not on your life would I ever do that. Then I went to a friends Body Shop party. I love the body shop started thinking I could do something like that. Yeah I know they have a storefront but there was something that the party plan offered that going to the store did not and that was a personal touch. Included with someone to ask questions and it was so nice.

So let’s look at that when my kids are visiting the other parent. I have my books I am writing at the same time. So next is my future employment in community services. So I started looking at several lines of income at the same time. One of the benefits of a being single parent and healthy. So I started looking at how do I link these in the best way for our family. Well one of the starts were to talk to the account friend who suggested I look into creating a Trust. Using the Government to work for me instead of against me. Have my money go to the trust and the work within the boundaries of the Trust laws. So that is what I am in the process of doing. It is to work smarter not harder than you need to. Well I hope this helps you find some ideas that might work for you as you might be facing the same issues.

But whatever you do don’t give up, don’t quit, and don’t let the dirty bastards win. Yeah you might not like the party plan I did but there are so many of there out there just be careful in your choice. There are a few of them that are going to steal money from you and the sales requirement might not be higher than you can produce. So look at the required KPI’s (key performance indicators) to make sure you can do it. Look at you comfort level to also see if you can talk to anyone. Know what style of sales you are going to make. What I mean is if you have to be a hard sale to get the KPI’s and you don’t feel right doing the hard sale then this is not the right party plan for you.

I know that I am not able to do Tupperware because I feel most of it is a rip off and I have never had my mind changed. I will never do Amway because to me that is one big Pyramid scheme if I have ever seen one. On top of that you can paint a turd any color you want it is still a turd. It’s bloody Amway in the end……. Not known for being very LGBT friendly….


Good luck and best wishes.

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