Cookbook release date (possible)

I am aiming for the cookbook release date to be in April. I am in current discussions with St. Finn Barr’s to look at using it as a fundraiser for them. I will be looking at a price point of $30 donation to which $15 dollars will cover costs and $15 will be given to the school to use to better the learning environment as they see fit. I will also be working with my preferred book stores to see if they will also be willing to chip in some of their profit and I will match it to assist St. Finn Barr’s. So start saving your coins there is some wonderful Southern US Cooking, Mixed with some Pacific Northwest Soups, and Comfort foods. All of the recipes have been designed with help from children in mind.

Cooking to connect is and has always been part of our families meals and practices. We in the past have enjoyed making our home a place where others can come and enjoy good food and even better friendships. This also allows time spent at the table with no TV or distractions giving you and your family time to connect.

This idea can from a very wise woman who reminded me of the old saying “Be the change you wish to see” ~Thank you

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