What would I do?

I got an interesting email this week asking me the following question “What would you do if you died and got to heaven and God asked you would you like your Body fixed so that you could be whole as a male?”

Wow this was a hard question. The first thing I need to say is thank you for thinking I am going to Heaven. I think it is bullshit that some people assume Transgender people will go to hell. I want to hit them with a bible and say Prove it! Next the word “Fixed” is something I prayed for since I was a little child. But the results of “Fixed” would not to be male. Since I started hormones for once in my life I have not had to struggle with hating everything about me. To me that is a wonderful feeling everyday I take the meds I know I am feeling better. The struggle of everyday life calmed down and I am different person.

So if god asked what I wanted to make me whole I would tell him the following. First thank you for being born in a time where I could be helped to stop the pain of everyday. If you are going to fix me, let me tell what I would like. Sir I would like to have my mind and my feelings match the body I have enjoyed since the day I started to be calm. I would love to have my fixed body to be in tune with what every other woman enjoys. Give me the Flaws, the pain, the joys, the happiness that I have wanted all my life. Please make my body as beautiful as my heart feels.

I think if God Truly knew me, that what I would asking him he would be ready for. I don’t think to many people understand the struggle of Transgender people. But it is getting better as we are learning and growing as a society. But just when I think we are making leaps forward I see so many things being dragged backwards. Sadly it is due to the beliefs of many who claim to be followers of God. Yet don’t listen to him in the stillness of time or even read what he has already said.

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