Month 18 Transition Timeline update


Emotional  Development

It has been a good month no weird crying outbursts but some of that is I have started to approach some of my life challenges with a different mindset.

Physical Development

Fat issues time to be honest the high fat diet idea did wonders for my breast tissue, but it wrecked my ability to fit into some of my clothes that I love. So the diet is going but once again it is a fun adventure. Don’t eat that but you can eat this wonderful tasteless green leafy shit, lol. My hips are a bit thicker than I have had in the past so I feel that is due to the hormones. I have not noticed changes in my butt.

Skin issues

I started using products from The Body Shop things have changed a lot this past month. My skin is so soft and it is so nice.

Olfactory senses

If I could breath through my nose I might be able to smell things

Breast Development

Okay I have seen and felt a fuller breast my borderline B cup is now a B cup without problems. I have not had any soreness behind the nipple which has been present for most of my transition. But I am still having the ichy issues around the breast which does mean the breasts are still growing.

New developments

Hair Growth in areas has slowed almost to the point that it is not growing. Facial hair is still having some growth, I will need to seek electrolysis once money gets a bit better. I  have been getting some better sleep this month as well. I changed my sleep schedule this month which is helping my overall health.

This month I have been needing more sleep than normal I am going to bed at 9pm most nights and waking up at 7am. For me in the past 6 hours was more than enough. I thought maybe I am a bit run down with all the crap that went on over the past year. BUt I don’t really think that was the issue. I think with all the changes that are going on I just need more sleep.

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