Another tears falls

Sometimes taking a stand for what is right casualties follow. When I stepped out of the shadows of my life I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of people who stayed and said they were my friends. Since that time I have learned that change happens and sometimes that change is a good thing. I started to post my disgust with what happened in the banning of the press because Trump did not like them….It quickly turned to a conversation about Gender. I was surprised that an old friend really was not a friend but more of someone who knew me when I was younger. I had thought that this person was wise enough to know what I stood for and where I drew my lines but over time I started seeing posts that concerned me and that did not fit with my personal moral code, but out of respect for our past friendship. I just blocked her posts that way I did not have to see the hate she was saying. Which the conversation turn a sour note and in the end it ended our friendship.
I love history if you did not know. In fact it is something that I am a bit of a nerd about. I am also a people watcher of what is going on around me. I try to be like a duck and let it roll off my back like rain. But once in awhile I speak up when things are wrong. Well I will have to say my voice about the Transgender community has cost me a friend. But I will not support such US hate filled rhetoric to be spoken when I can stand and prove it wrong. 40% needs to change and the only way to save lives is to speak up and crush the haters. Who in the end is the one who loses in the loss of a friend. Not me when I look at all the hate you spill forth, I no longer have to hide you from those I protect.

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