Coping with mental health

As I have not been scared to talk about mental health in the past and how it has changed my life and the lives of my children. Something happened and I felt it important to touch on an event that took place this past month. The name is made up but what happened is real.

We will call this wonderful person Ashley because you can’t tell if the person is a Boy or a girl. Now I’ve been friends with Ashley for a long time. Ashley is and will always be an addict. Now before you start thinking drugs the are a lot of things to be addicted to. But in this case drugs is spot on.

One of the most horrific issues thanks to drugs is the mental deteration of a person’s overall mental health. The more the person uses and the types of drugs they use will have adverse effects. I love Ashley to bits, I have picked Ashley up when no one’s else would or could. Ashley has a way of popping in and out of people’s lives.

 Ashley comes as soft as flowers of spring in the morning air and leaves like a shop in a storm on the Cape of good Hope. Over time the storms have started to increase and become less predictable. It is not the same type of storm one normally sees due to standard mental health issues.

I awoke to the smell of flowers one day Ashley had returned. At the time I welcomed Ashley back into our lives with open arms and heart. Over time more social side effects from the drugs that Ashley took in excess became more and more noticeable. The ripples of the storm were staying to form. I began to see the loss of the friend I was so glad to have back rear is head like the dragon that Apple Ashley from is in thistle horrible thing we call addiction. When the waves began most of us were ready to row to shore. But sadly as we watched Ashley could not make it and drifted off to sea.

Ashley is still alive but like some storms Ashley left a bit of damage in its wake. The part of Ashley that knew the lives that would be affected is now gone. Due to the side effects of drugs and what they have robbed Ashley of this normal part of most of us. The that says hey jackass don’t act like that others will be hurt.

So now the friends are left to clean up after the big storm. Which each of us are doing in our own way. We knew the storm was coming this time we were ready for the damage. The storm still hurt but not like it had on the past. Ashley is not able to see the damages that part is also gone. Sometimes as destruction gives new life we will be ready for the flowers to Blossom. Ashley will come back and those that love will be ready with open arms. We once again will be shocked of the losses due to the drugs. But love will be in our hearts good thoughts will be in our minds.

Coping with mental health issues sometimes will never get better but you can become purposeful in your readiness to avoid most of the pain that survivors deal with on a regular basis. Some drugs Rob so much that the addict will never fully recover. But love and hope we can bone together and create hope in a place that when they flower they can return.

Now saying this there are times when cutting the cord had to be done. That is a story for another time. Love and understanding of the mourning process helps. Best wishes Ally

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