Can being Transgender be Beautiful

Now I am questioning this topic after reading another story about Lavern Cox, which was a bit messy. I am not meaning the messy in bad writing, but in the way it missed a lot of what she was trying to get across.

So now here I am asking the same point while trying to get you the reader to ignore the issues of Right or Wrong based on religion. Have we are a society of humanity evolved far enough to overlook such trivial issues and just look at the laws of attraction. Can a Transperson offer a reliable form of employment? Can a Transperson love deep enough to surpass the issues of being Trans? Will both people be able to ignore the “Cisgaze” issues which do happen? Can a Transperson be truthful in a stable relationship? While some of these questions might be a bit one-sided and a bit hard to reflect upon. But if we look at Cis-normative  relationships we see some of the very same questions being asked. So when we review the answer to which might happen, can it work is the at the base of every relationship regardless of belief structure.

Now if we look at the baseline of Beauty these topics and questions are solely subjective to the two people facing each other. The fact being (and I am sorry for saying this) we sometimes have all though “Holy shit that person is been hit with the ugly stick a few times” then sometimes we have even looked at others and thought “Fuck the ugly stick they went for the whole lumber mill”. Then sometimes we have seen such beautiful people that we have thought “Nope they are so perfect they would never want to talk to me” forgetting that we all have insecurities and at the same time others might be very confident in their looks.

Though at the same time as all of those issues are running we forget that even the Transperson might also be judging but on different levels. But much more self reflective targeted. In fact we become our own worse enemies. Asking ourselves such questions that most would never understand until reading this post. Do I need to risk being hurt? Is one of the very first questions we ask ourselves because that very question is  beyond that pain that a Cis-normative person might experience because of the issues of “Would they have…… if I was just normal” this is a very real question we ask. Then we might even look at the issue of our current safe space and say “it is not worth the risks, i am safe while being alone / lonely” I have even caught myself questioning “How will others in their family view the two of us?”. So I sit and admire the beauty in the human form and the wonderful conversations that I have with others. So I work harder on my studies and projects to avoid thinking about the issues of Relationships due to the fear I have as well.

So looking inside my own self I see a very loving person. Yeah right now going back to school does not mean a lot of money is coming in but I am not letting myself rot. When you find a job create one and so I write.I work on my issues of being confident with who I am. I work hard at caring for my children and my own self care.

So we come back to rhetorical question can a Transperson be Beautiful in all its forms? Can a Transperson be attractive? Can others over look the stigma of being with a Transperson? These are only question each one of us need to answer on their own because both sides require great strength, love and fortitude.

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