Open letter to Mem Fox

Dear Mem,

I hope you done mind me calling you by your first name. I just need to say to you thank you so much for your wonderful books that allowed me to look at Australia in a whole new light with my kids at my side. I marveled at the excitement and the joy in every page that you wrote. The smiles in my children’s eyes and the excitement for every page.

In 2017 I heard what happened when you flew to my home country of America. I was dismayed and shocked at the treatment that you received. I was angered that someone could treat another person the way you were treated. I heard about the bans on Muslims and the treatment of others who’s names even sounded Muslim (ie Ali’s son). But there was never a personal touch that your voice gave it.

I was watching the ABC the other night and listened very closely to what you had to say. I felt a profound sadness, you see my family is a revolutionary family. Let me expand a bit more. Above my father fireplace sits a flint lock that was passed down the family tree since 1806. My mother was a member at one time of the Daughters of the American Revolution. In case you don’t know your family tree has to show proof that you had family who fought for the freedom and rights other every American at that time. Some families gave some and some families gave all. We have family that lies dead on both sides of Gettysburg. My Grandfather was in WWII may dad fought in several conflicts and Vietnam. My dad received medals for saving hundreds lives in Japan after WWII when China took back some islands in the 50’s. My nephew fought in many conflicts. In all of our family we never supported such hate filled actions to which you received. I am proud of what my family gave for freedom. I am sad at the losses we received in doing so.
I cried when Trump, who I will never call my president. signed orders giving such power to do such horrific acts to you and others. I shed so many tears when America lost it ranking as a Democratic country. I cried my heart out when it dawned on me that I can never return home even for a visit because i am Transgender and I no longer feel safe there.

Let me return to the point of my letter. I wanted to write you to say I am sorry for the way you were treated. I know deep in my heart our family fought for something far greater than these monster could ever hope for. Yes I know I don’t have to say anything. But saying nothing to you and hundreds others is just as wrong as doing it. I am drawn to the quote from Edmund Burke “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. While I can not return home now or if ever, my voice will not be silent.

Thank you for being so brave and saying you will never return and making a stand saying why. More need to voice there disdain at the actions of this so called free state that is nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I wish you all the best, if I could. If time someday allows me to return home for a visit in safety. I would be glad to sit at a table and enjoy a meal with anyone who was treated the way you were because it was not the way our family was raised. It was not what we spilled our blood for….

Thank you,

A. Robins


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