I just don’t understand…..

I wonder what it is like to know you might be the most hated president in American History. Not that I want to wear the shoes let alone walk a mile in them. The Hypocritical nature of Trump really boggles me. Then I see people all over the place supporting him and his cronies. I am completely shocked at the treatment of “others”. By “others” I mean people that don’t fit into the mold of right wing Christians who think they are above all others. That unless you contort you beliefs to what they believe then you will not be saved and are going to hell.

I grew up in a religious house most members are still Mormons. I was raised to believe that the church was the one true church and all others were just attempts at the truth. I left because I saw some holes in their structure that could not be filled. They always stated that their leaders were in direct contact with God. This year something really shocked me when that very same church supported the election of Trump. This is why if you believe in God and what he is said to stand for, then why would you support a person like Trump. Unless God does not support what we think he supports. Because if you are in direct contact with him why would he say “Yeah its a great idea, I like Trump”. As a believer I just can’t link the two, it does not make sense.

Then I see the hate crimes and the legal system in the US support them. Some of those hate crimes are committed by the police themselves. Stand Rock and the deaths of unarmed blacks are just a couple. I am not saying that all police are bad in fact I support them. But the bad apples are not being removed are the whole basket is being ruined. Then this week a man was shot taking out his wallet. I just don’t understand.

Time and money is being wasted on the issues of Bathrooms and Transwomen. At the same time Transwomen are being called Snowflakes for saying “WTF?”. When all this time there has never been an arrest of a Transwomen in bathroom incidents, but look at how many republican leaders have been busted….Just saying that all that money is being wasted on such stupid issues when it could solve so many problems. It is also being driven by the right wing Christians. At what point do they think God is okay with their actions?

I just don’t understand what is going on in the US and the rest of the world is starting to question it as well. Then we have these big churches that are raking in the money while really doing nothing with it except lining their pockets.When a teacher of God has a multi million dollar home and drives a car you can never hope to have, are you really listening to the right person?

I saw something this week a so called debate in Australia about marriage equality supported by a company called Coopers. Who are linked to the side who does not support marriage equality. It by no means was a debate, as both of the sides of the debate were from the same political party that does not support marriage equality. Then the backlash of people against Coopers started popping up with people and bars throwing out the products of this company. Then posting them doing so on Facebook for the world to see. But the company is shocked at the response of the community.

What the fuck is going on is the world going crazy? These are just a few of the issues this week that have completely confused me……just saying

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