Been Busy

Well to say things are busy is the understatement of year for me. I have chosen to go back to school in the hopes to be working in the community service sector dealing with LGBT issues. Being that I am part of the community it might be a wise choice. So I want to belay your concerns that the site might close down with my book being launched, it did not. Then because of school the site might be shut down, nope I am keeping it up. One more year has just been paid for. Thanks to the sales of the book!

So where is the site going well right now it is going to a stable platform for my transition and the timeline. I am going to be trying to add information as I find it. I will try to add other information as I can.

I would like to add a bit of plump to this post. There has been something I have been seeing around in the community and that is running before you walk. Stepping out of the shadows is a big deal. It takes a lot of courage and there are a lot of risks that we are not ready for. In the attempt to be our true-selves we sometimes forget to take small steps. We overbook our lives in a rush to be what we have always felt like. So as I look at what I did and even I know I did the same running as it is normal. SO I hope that if you read this you might slow down a small bit. Enjoy every pain, smile, fear, tear and every other emotion that we were never told about. Life is a wonderful experience that does not come with warning labels. But this is a friend trying to tell you to be careful.

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