Watch out I have an Agenda


Maybe i should re think my title, yeah right no. When I stepped out of the shadows there was a lot of lies around external sources telling me I should just do it. But what it did was to give me the clearest vision I have ever had. I watched a number of people turn into horrific individuals that I have ever known. Now I know I say that I have never had to experience people being rude to my face, in public…… Family can be the biggest problems, you can chose you friends, but you don’t get a choice with family. Even the ones you were told they would never be like that until they are.

I started to think to myself how can I help affect change. I am in my 40’s and Trans. I started looking at who was close to me and how they did not care and took me for being me, I started to review what I could do. I started being vocal about being Trans. I stopped hiding who I was and what I had gone through. I was a subject on the Humans of Launceston, then a friend told me about The Human Library Project here in Launceston. That was a big step out of my comfort zone. It became a step forward in creating a path where I could effect change.

This past week this speaking project began to payoff. On Friday I spoke to small groups of youth 15-18 at there college / high school. When two lives came forward and asked me about being Trans. Because they had reasons for trying to understand. Then I was asked by three young men who did not understand and wanted to know more. We had a wonderful chat talking about being Trans and what it was like growing up. I was moved so very much by one person asking to understand. I was really shocked that I walked away being more and more educated on the future of Australia. They are asking why and trying to understand.

So back to my agenda, I don’t have one though I do hope that people will read my book, read my website / blog. I laugh every time I hear people say the LGBT+ community. I think it is a bit of a cop out. No not phobia, more like they don’t want to experience change. They listen to leaders who are creating fear and mistrust telling them what to think instead of thinking for themselves.

I started thinking what can I do for the future and right now that goal is on track. Last night I finished my test on being an accredited mental health first aider.  When about two years ago my Brother was mine. It is amazing fucked when people push another person towards Suicidal thoughts or even drag them down into depression. Lucky my brother saw what was going on long before it even got to that point. He stood up and said enough is enough time to get out and take charge of your life.

Yeah I still see all the hate from some of my family member past and present. But you know what they have enough baggage of their own that they need to work through and I am not going to be like them. In fact I am going to lift where I stand. I am going to be that voice that says “we can”.


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