Transition update Month 20

Month 20……..

Emotional  Development

Well not a lot of crap has been going on to judge what is going on in my emotional development. In fact things are very stable over all and I am very pleased. A few commercials have played a bit of havoc. Then I went to a Mental Health First Aid class and that was very hard at times. Mainly due to some of the subject material.

Physical Development

I am still having itchy issues without taking hay fever meds. I am over all very pleased with my breast development. Still have a bit of hair on my body that is driving my razor to levels of hate.

Skin Issues

Surprised at the level of dry skin I have now. Where before the hormones it was a bit oily. Even my hair used to be very oily now it is normal.

Hair Growth

My hair has been getting longer and longer. It is very nice to enjoy a full head of hair. Though I am learning to deal with the days when long hair is a bit of a curse. Then there are the times when you over heat due to the hair that covers your neck.

Olfactory senses

no change

New developments

Oh my I had to change the style of bra’s I am using I have gone to a sports bra as I am in that middle area of needing to up size but the sport bra has a few new issues. Like when my nipples might rub on the fabric. Oh my that is not a friendly feeling all the time. Then there are the times when you need to change the sensation and you can’t do it due to being in public. So you find a public restroom and solve the problem.

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